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#Mybigidea : Buying my own forest!

Diperbarui: 13 Des 2023

I want to buy as much land as I can afford and then turn it into a forest.

Okay... Let's rewind a bit.

I was watching @taylor.loren tiktok masterclass session on skillshare, because I'm such a big fan of her and was just exploring ideas on how to boost Cleanomic visibility as a media company. One of her tips is to spend more time on tiktok, so that's what I did. Then, I stumbled on to this trending challenge called #mybigidea run by @worldeconomicforum which was fit to our niche.

They asked tiktokers to make a short video describing their big idea to address environmental issues and support SDGs. So, here's my idea:

There are plenty of lands that are currently on auction in Indonesia. You can see it on this website,, which is managed by the Ministry of Finance. You can bid and buy a lot of stuff there, cars, houses, miscellaneous, and yes, including land. Some of those lands are quite affordable, but it's probably because it was located in a remote area or an undeveloped area with limited access. However, it is still a great potential!

Of course, buying the land was probably the easy part, but managing them would be the most challenging part which I had no idea how to do it. I would imagine that once I bought the land, I would need to collaborate with an organization that can help organize planting trees (and monitoring the seeds), work with the local community, and perhaps develop permaculture education centers, or join the forest carbon offset program, but overall idea is to save this land from any potential irresponsible activities, develop it in the most sustainable way, and improve the forest economy - #cuanlestari ca cingggg!

With everything that's happening around the world, this idea may sound crazy at first, but I thought if we can raise money to buy land ourselves and DOING IT OURSELVES, rather than expecting people to do it for us one day, we should really consider the possibility right?

Anyway, this is just me throwing my wishes to the universe and, now universe, your move!

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